Skill Subjects

Skill Subjects


Robotics, as a subject, is intriguing, futuristic, and is gaining rapid momentum across the world so much so that it is now being taught in schools and Golden Gates Vidhyashram is no exception to that.

Teachers who teach robotics have a skillset, a fair share of knowledge in programming, and other skills. The study of Robotics not only engages the learners but also enhances STEM learning and problem-solving skills and paves the way for programming.


Coding promotes learning by doing. Children learn best through doing and exploring. Learning by doing refers to a theory of education expounded by American philosopher John Dewey.

It’s a hands-on approach to learning where students interact with their environment to adapt and learn. Learning by doing is the idea that we learn more when we actually “do” the activity.

Imagine a kid learning to play a game. With the learning-by-doing approach, the kid would understand the app they are using to play the game. Later, they begin to discover more about the movement of objects, points they can earn, and so on. It involves active engagement, not a passive practice.

Public Speaking

The benefits of public speaking are enormous. For once we become comfortable and effective talking to larger groups, we find ourselves really being able to connect to smaller groups and in our personal relationships.

Thus, it is crucial to teach young children the power of persuasive speaking so that we raise an entire generation of bold, confident, and expressive young leaders, entrepreneurs, and human beings. Not only that, but public speaking can also boost personal growth, promote expression and ultimately make one ready for the professional world.