Our distinguished institution proudly introduces an accomplished educational leader with 15 years of unwavering commitment to the field of education. Mr.Raju’s career commenced as a Post Graduate Teacher in English, where he mastered the art of effective communication and the inspiration of young minds.

Progressing through various roles, including Controller of Examinations, Public Relations, and Admissions Promotion, he became skilled in organizational efficiency, building strong relationships, and strategic growth. His experience in Administration further enhanced his problem-solving abilities.

His role in Teacher Recruitment underscored the importance of a dedicated and talented educational team. Climaxing as Vice Principal and Principal, he leads with vision, empathy, and a dedication to holistic student development.

His steadfast belief is that hard work, dedication, and effective leadership empower students to achieve their fullest potential. His philosophy centers on collaboration, innovation, and a student-centric approach, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We are honored to have this dynamic leader join our institution to further our mission of shaping tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers through the transformative power of education and leadership.