Courage, Spirit & Sportsmanship

At GGGS, we are keen to boost confidence and diligence to our students by providing international standard sports forum.


The World of
Joyful Learning

GGGS is dedicated, focused, and committed to relish a creative learning environment and world class education.

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Courage, Spirit & Sportsmanship

At GGGS, we are keen to boost confidence and diligence to our students by providing international standard sports forum.

Golden Gates Global School

Welcome to Golden Gates Global School, Ariyalur, the institution endeavoring to nurture high- standard education and joyful learning.  We are keen to comprise quality, fun learning forum and GGGS march towards the brilliance of crafting future leaders.

Now, we are proudly affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi [Affiliation number – 1931549].

Our Vision
We strive to provide a holistic, student- centered learning environment that empowers and inspires young minds to think beyond the box. Our strive is to create and maintain the ethos that encourages high academic standards, self-reliance, cooperation, creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, initiative, and global citizenship.
Our Mission

Our mission is to build a resilient foundation of accomplishment, inquisitiveness, and service. We cultivate a diverse and inclusive community, empowering students to become compassionate leaders and critical thinkers, ready to make a positive societal impact.


Golden Gates Global School was introduced to meet the international standards, in terms of academics, culture and discipline. It has also committed to quality education and strong authoritarian culture that will help every student evolve in life. The student as well as the faculty gets the opportunity to flourish at GGGS. 


Pre – KG, LKG, UKG

A walk by the kindergarten section will reveal the vibrancy through colours, music, and the hum of activity-centered learning. These first few years set the tone for the entire academic life of later years bearing this in mind utmost care has gone into the experiential learning curriculum designed exclusively for the little ones at GGGS.


Classes I – IV

This is the next rung of the ladder. Along the corridor are the grades. I to IV there is a buzz of excitement and activity in the air. Following the latest pedagogical trends, the thematic interdisciplinary approach has been adopted at this level.

Middle School

Classes V – VII

The middle school, grades V to VII, challenges learners with a broader curriculum, to lay the foundation for the high school academic program. Study skills are honed, and concepts taught are thoroughly grounded-group work and interacting with classmates cater to growing social awareness.

High school

Classes VIII – X

The senior grades VIII to X is a constant beehive of activity. Quality education – the best possible is provided, taking into consideration individual needs and aspirations. Suitably high demands are placed on the learners, with a view to encouraging and stimulating high achievement.

Upcoming Events

Stay informed and engaged with our school’s latest events and activities. Join us in creating memorable moments and enriching experiences for our students and community.


Our students have achieved great things, both in and out of the classroom. We are proud of their accomplishments, and we are committed to helping them reach their full potential.

School Gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery! See images of our students, faculty, and staff, as well as our school facilities and events.

Associate Partners

We are excited to partner with leading organizations to provide our students with the best possible educational experience. Together, we can help students reach their full potential.